Welcome to Tied to a Kite!

We are a group of independent game designers who take pride in creating simple, accessible and fun games that anyone can play.

Numerix is the first game that we published; you can find an overview of it along with a free copy of the rules and the board.

Alongside our board games we have recently moved into Roleplaying Games. Our first product in this field is Backswords & Bucklers Book One: Basic Rules. It may be downloaded or purchased from our Lulu page here.

We are constantly working on new games and details may be found in the Other Games section.

If you would like to tell us what you think of our games or find out about ordering a copy of any of them, please get in contact or visit our forum.

We hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we have had making them!


Once again we will be at the UK Games Expo, this year we will be on the first floor in the Purple Zone. We shall be demonstrating Numerix again, as well as our new game Backswords & Bucklers and some upcoming titles. The website should be upgraded in the next few days to represent these new products, as well as having an online store added to it. In the meantime, Backswords & Bucklers may be downloaded and purchased from our Lulu page here.

Numerix now has an entry on BoardGameGeek - click here to view it and give it a rating.