About Us

Tied to a Kite was born from a few friends with a shared love of gaming. Drawing inspiration from our favourite strategy, role playing and board games, we started turning our own ideas into reality. With Numerix, we realised that we had a game that easily could stand on its own, so we are now actively distributing it.

We are constantly working on other games and will release details once we are happy they are fun and playable.

As with any group, a constant exchange of ideas and creativity keeps us working to our best. While everyone has a part in the creative process, below you can find what the people behind Tied to a Kite mainly do:

Chris is our lead game designer and the creative force behind us. He is incredibly enthusiastic about games and is continually coming up with new ideas.
Primary Function: Ideologist.
Favourite Game: A lot. Talisman, Dragon Pass, ASL, plus a lot of the things I write. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't write them!
Fun Fact: Chris was once in an Acoustic Black Metal Band. If you ask nicely he will scream at you.

Ben is our second games designer and responsible for any fiction and flavour text for the games.
Primary Function: Fictioneer.
Favourite Game: Space Empires 4X, ASL or maybe Dragon Pass. Mmm, hexes.
Fun Fact: Ben is rapidly on his way to becoming a professional cat herder. He has been adopted by four cats. None of them are very good at writing, but they like to try.

Daniel is a contributer and playtester, and mainly works on board games.
Primary Function: Fungineer.
Favourite Game: Mijnlieff is excellent, but I'm very fond of Fluxx as well
Fun Fact: He is the idiot used when trying to idiot-proof our rules.

Peri made us our logo and is a lovely person.