Backswords & Bucklers

Backswords & Bucklers is a new, completely self-contained Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox variant, a framework designed to run Fantasy Elizabethan games.

Inspired by works such as Michael Moorcock’s Gloriana and Sir Walter Scott’s Kennilworth, Backswords & Bucklers is a game of adventure set in Gloriana’'s Britain. The basic game contains complete rules for the game with Fighting Man, Scoundrel and Wise Woman classes, and focusses on running games set in the Underworld of London; where Dungeon Delving is replaced with Tavern Trawling. It contains a modified combat system, appropriate weaponry (including matchlocks) and money, sample magic items and tables to inspire the referee with ideas for jobs; as well as a sample tavern complete with rumours and a short adventure.

It may be downloaded or purchased from our Lulu page here.

Backswords & Bucklers Participation Game, June 2011 PDF

Backswords & Bucklers Reference Pack PDF