Sunburn is a science fiction themed skirmish wargame using 28mm scale miniature figures. Models from any manufacturer may be used, and even scale doesn't matter as long as both sides are the same. Sunburn uses no dice to resolve actions, the results of shooting and so on are deterministic in nature. This speeds up the game and allows us to concentrate on what is really important in a skirmish wargame, how you command your troops. The dice are used only to determine what orders you have access to in a turn, as characters are created by assigning Actions to dice faces.

This initial Beta document contains only the basic rules. The final document will have rules for more advanced actions, armour and vehicles, drops, off board artillery and ideas for campaigns, scenarios and larger battles. The standard game is quite boardgame-like and competitive, but additional material currently being worked on will help you to play a more narrative game whilst still allowing for the fast-play game where preferred.

Download it here:

Sunburn (Beta) PDF

Sunburn Roster sheet PDF